The country where Vultures rule. Though Vultures are pretty harmless. They have no incentive to attack humans and they lack the physical attributes that could pose a threat. Although they are carnivorous, most vultures feed only on animals that are already dead but these Vultures I am going to talk about, are not only scavenges who rely on carrion but they also attack alive women, little girls and boys in Madrasas.

You may be surprised why these vultures attack an alive human being, specially women and little girls or little boys in Madrasas. I want to tell you that these Vultures are Muslims in Pakistan. Recently, On the Independence Day of Pakistan, A Pakistani female Tiktoker went to celebrate Independence Day to Minar-e-Pakistan, the Great Monument of Pakistan. Where hundreds of youngsters were celebrating Independence Day. This Day is so special for muslims as they believe that Pakistan was made on 14th August 1947 so Muslims can live a free life in this country. Pakistan is also known in the world as a fort of islam. So, Now muslims have freedom in this country. Can you imagine how happy moment it will be where independence day is celebrated. I hope you have celebrated independence day in your country and every body loves this day of freedom. This girl also thought she is living in the western country so she went to celebrate Independence Day in Islamic republic of Pakistan. But then Vultures started to notice her. These hundreds of ertugrul vultures came near her, They touched her, tore her clothes and start to touch her every part. She cried, she fell, hundreds of muslim vultures were laughing and kept touching her.

This is not the Full Video but a Short Clip Which was made by A Vulture for Uploading on Their YouTube. In the Full videos, hundreds of muslims men took off her trouser, molested her, throw her in the air for fun, dragging her, tearing her clothes and laughing.

These muslim vultures kept throwing the girl in the air for their fun. They also used technology which is made by Christians and Jews and recorded their videos in their phones to post on their social media accounts. Otherwise we could never know what happened to that girl. As it’s not the first incident, there are more worst cases but now this one was caught by their own phone cameras videos that were shared on social media.

The girl said in the FIR that she and six other members of her TikTok channel visited Azadi Chowk to record a video clip of the Independence Day celebrations. “We were shooting the clip when a good number of youngsters started teasing me. They were joined by more and more. Seeing the suspects harassing me, the security guard of the Minar-i-Pakistan Park opened the central gate to let her enter to take shelter. When I crossed the gate and entered the park, the suspects came after me. They tore my clothes and molested me. They dragged and tossed me up in the air for fun. They made me naked and touched my body. They also beat my team members, and used abusive language. They called Police two times in these hours, the humiliation continued for three hours but Police didn’t arrive.”

Muslims in Pakistan have this freedom since 70 years, before that they came from Arab and Persia, killed people in the sub-continent because they wanted to make an Islamic fort. Finally the powerful Vultures established their kingdoms in the Sub continent. They killed men, took their wives, concubines, which were enslaved women, were also housed in their harem. For them women was a toy to use her for their devilish lust and fun.

Now these vultures are living freely and have Islamic blasphemy laws, killing people for their religion, support Terrorists openly, rape girls and even young boys in Islamic religious school. No One question them, United Nations, Countries governments, Global Media is silent about it. But these Vultures are eating every day alive humans and raping little girls. Those vultures who eat their children, how can not harm others. Now many say it was girl’s fault she was not wearing good clothes, this was a invitation so muslim men can touch her and why Pakistani muslims are being blamed?

Prime Minister of Pakistan blames women’s dress for rapes in Pakistan

The girl cried in an interview that she was fully covered in the Pakistani dress. This great Islamic country who speaks for Palestinian women, Kashmiri women, is ranked as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women in terms of safety and equality. While in other part of the world where women are free to wear whatever they want, where is no islamic laws, there mob of men never molest a woman publicly. We know There are a lot of crazy beauty like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, etc. These famous stars in America interact with their public. while they wear short dresses which shows their body. American women enjoy on beaches. But the American public never humiliated any female with short dresses even a naked woman. Not American or European men touched her and never a mob of men take off a female clothes and tried to molest her. While in the muslim society In the country like Pakistan, where they kill for prophet of islam. Where A woman who was covering herself and wearing islamic dress, goes in public and men touched her, take off her clothes to touch her body. This is the difference between two different societies, where women in bikini and naked are safe in the public but in islamic society woman in the full covering and in islamic dress is not safe.

In Western Countries, women in short dresses is safe, but in Islamic country women in fully covered dress is not safe

The country is also famous to support Taliban terrorists and helped Terrorist openly to take control over Afghanistan. First it was famous as a safe haven for terrorists, but the Politicians of Vultures denied to deceive others and helped terrorists with strategies. Now with new strategies, they are helping vultures in Afghanistan by saying it’s their legal right to make laws according to their religion. They always use such religious and humanitarian card to protect their terrorists. Though they want one more country for Vultures. Now they will again ask for billions of dollars, first they ask for help, when they get billions of dollars, they speak against or attack those countries who helped them. Then they accuse them for doing bad with vultures, then they again ask for more funds to establish Vultures territories. The truth is these all billions of dollars are being used for terrorism and to be in more power to control the whole world. Can you Imagine, if a girl in your country goes outside or your daughter or sister or mother goes outside and vultures attack and do not let you speak, snatch freedom of speech as they are already doing in Pakistan and also dividing and invading countries and promoting freedom of killing for their religion.

Prime Minister Imran khan also call Osama Bin Ladin a martyr as a hero of Islam. He talks about Islamophobia but Terrorists are hero for him. Are they trying world to accept Terrorists and killing as their religious ritual. Prime Minister of Pakistan talked about Islamophobia and blasphemy in United nations because he is the representative of vultures. But he never condemned rapes and killing on the name of religion. United Nations never questioned, and nobody asked them about their Christianophobia, Hinduphobia, Jewphobia, Atheism phobia, americanophobia, etc.

Journalist Zahid Hussain wrote in his column in Pakistan’s leading newspaper, Dawn, that “Imran Khan’s views on rape are not very different from the callous comments made by a former Lahore police chief about the Motorway gang rape last year. He blamed the victim woman for driving late at night. Who was raped in front of her children. His comments reflected the thinking of a large segment of society that prefers to blame the victim.”

Muslim Scholar Muhammad Yunus Butt raped his two daughters for 6 months by taking them to other room for teaching Quran

No doubt, there are good human beings in muslims also but majority of them are extremists. You can imagine the people who from the beginning of Islam killed each other. They always accuse others to hide their sins. Like now they blame that girl that she was not wearing Islamic dress. This was the reason muslim men touched her. Is it a valid reason to assault somebody ? What about the little girls, A 5-year-old girl in southern Pakistan was raped, hit on the head and set on fire. Five days later, a woman in the country’s east was dragged from her car and sexually assaulted on a highway in front of her children. What about young boys who are raped in Islamic religious school.

The truth is they are killers, rapists, looters and oppressors, they hide their looting and corruption under the religious freedom and humanity card. Can they tell who killed the grandson of Prophet of Islam? Can they tell who killed caliph Hazarat Ali? Ali was first cousin brother and the husband of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter. Who killed other caliphs? The truth is they all were Muslims who killed their caliphs and caliph killed Muslims. Yazid was a Muslim, His army 5000 Muslims men who humiliated the family of their prophet, and killed 72 out of 75 members of that family, the grandson and also nephew of the Prophet of Islam was killed. They humiliated his daughter and his granddaughters. The vast majority of Muslims from the beginning of Islam is possessed as evils vultures. Muslims kill each other and blame others that other countries have propaganda. It’s nonsense. Can they tell whose propaganda was when 5000 Muslims were humiliating their prophet’s family 75 members. Even Prophet of Islam said in my Ummah There will be 73 sects in Islam and only one sect will go in heaven and other 72 sects are pagans they will go in hell. Its means the vast majority of muslims will go in hell according to their prophet. Then Why Muslims want others to not have islamophobia?

When ISIS, Taliban, Abu Sayyaf Group, Al-Qa’ida, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Lashkar-e-Omar (LeO), Sipah-e-sahaba, Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Hamas, Palestine Liberation Front (PLF), Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM), Lashkar-e Tayyiba (LeT), Harkat-ul-Mujahideen Al-alami, Al-Qa’ida in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), Kata’ib Hizballah (KH), Jaysh al-Adl (formerly Jundallah), al-Mulathamun Battalion (AMB), ISIL Sinai Province (formerly Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis), Hizbul Mujahideen (HM), ISIS-Bangladesh, Islamic State East Asia, Boko Haram, Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, etc all are islamic terrorists groups. These are only few names of international islamic terrorists groups. While There are millions of madrasas where they get training and control local areas. Therefore in islamic countries, mob of muslims attack christians and hindus and other minorities.

Almost Everyday a Christian or Hindu girl is kidnapped and raped. Even a three years old little christian girl was raped in Asif Town, Lahore by her Muslim school teacher in the school. There are at least 11 rape cases every day reported in Pakistan with over 22,000 rape cases reported to police across the country in the last six years. Police officials noted that only half of the rape cases are registered and the actual number of rape cases in the last five years could be as high as 60,000. Things are going more worst than ever. This is Islamic country, where people have so much respect for Prophet of Islam, that they have islamic blasphemy laws to kill people legally for islam. Nobody can criticize Islam but Muslims can rape women, Islamic sects can kill each other and can also accuse others for blasphemy to take revenge. The muslims vultures can rape and molest girls. Freedom of speech is not allowed but freedom of killing for Islam is legally allowed.

Pakistan now openly supporting terrorists in Afghanistan. Killers and haters are heroes here. The country of vultures is also famous for corruption, greed, child marriages, Bacha-Bazi as they rape young boys in madrasas and in markets they hire little boys for child labor and use them for sex, sadomasochism and all evils but they accuse others for their evilness.

“We were shooting the clip when a good number of youngsters started teasing me. They were joined by more and more. Seeing the suspects harassing me, the security guard of the Minar-i-Pakistan Park opened the central gate to let her enter to take shelter. When I crossed the gate and entered the park, the suspects came after me. They tore my clothes and molested me. They dragged and tossed me up in the air for fun. They also beat my team members, and used abusive language,” she said and added the humiliation continued for three hours before some people (of them) finally managed to rescue her. They called Police two times in these hours but Police didn’t arrive.” But after the clips goes viral, Prime Minister and chief minister took action against and police have filed a case against unidentified 400 men at the park.

Vultures have been observed to hunch their bodies and tuck in their heads in the cold, and open their wings and stretch their necks in the heat. The same these Muslim vultures do, they do things according to the culture and region. If you will see Muslim vultures in western countries, they will behave differently but as these vultures get back to their majority territories, they do things openly. And as Vultures urinate on themselves as a means of cooling their bodies. The same Muslim vultures make themselves cool by raping even their own daughters. You can imagine how much harmful is this society for non-muslims. We will request you to raise a voice in your community and write to your political leaders in your country. If it will happen, then May be United Nations will take any action. Otherwise they will keep killing, raping and invading other countries until they control the whole world.

When I shared this news on YouTube, my video was deleted by YouTube. Google, Youtube, Facebook and other social platforms are being biased towards muslims. They remove every content which expose muslims, but muslims can have killing videos, they can have hate speech videos. Google, YouTube, Facebook never removed their content, just because Killing is a part of their religion. How Long we will be silent? Until they reach us? Or we will die without raising a voice?