Priyantha Diyawadana Kumara, a Sri Lankan national who worked as general manager of a factory of the industrial engineering company Rajco Industries in Sialkot, Punjab, A company that made T20 gears for Pak cricket team was set upon by a violent crowd on Friday.

In horrific videos shared across social media, Diyawadana can be seen being thrown on to the floor, where hundreds began tearing his clothes, violently beating him. He was tortured to death and then his body was burned. Dozens in the crowd can also be seen taking selfies with his dead body. The irate muslim mob can be heard chanting “Nara e Taqbeer” and “Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah”. Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah essentially means “Here I am at your service, O Messenger of Allah”. Other slogans that could be heard as the fanatics burnt the man to death were ‘gustakh-e-nabi ki ek hi saza, sar tan se juda sar tan se juda’.

This is the video we found on social media, How hundreds of muslims factory workers are beating and killing this man. Its a routine that muslim mobs attack and kill and burn humans and their homes and churches and temples but International media is silent about it.

The person didn’t do anything wrong as he was a quality control manager from Nike and was on Nike payroll. He didn’t insult anyone or prophet of Islam and neither he thrown any islamic posters in fact he put it on the table as the cc tv video shows. The Pakistani Factory Owner and employee didn’t like the Srilankan person so they made a scheme and killed him inside the factory by hitting and smashing his head with a heavy thing and he died on the spot and then they took him to the streets and burn him. This Islamic religious extremism has destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and It will destroy Pakistan also.

The incident began when rumours emerged that Diyawadana, who had been manager of the factory for seven years, had taken down a poster bearing words from the Qur’an. By the morning, a crowd began to gather at the factory gates and by early afternoon they had charged into the factory and seized Diyawadana.

The police assistant commissioner Mohammed Murtaza said: “Due to the renovation of the factory building, some posters were taken off from the wall. They may have desecrated posters bearing the name of Prophet Muhammad. Maybe the manager was lynched because of that.”

Assistant commissioner also said: “Unfortunately, I can’t affirm or deny anything at the moment. The alibi used for murder is blasphemy but the cause of murder appears personal and targeted. The issue is being investigated.”

The Prime minister of Pakistan gave certificate of appreciation to Malik Adnan, just to divert the attention of International community from this killing case. In all these years TLP (Tahreek-Labaik-Pakistan) got stronger, they killed people, they burn government and public properties, they killed police officers and public but they were always freed by the government of Pakistan. Its the strategy of killers and Prime Minister, Thousands of muslims were killing and only one person Malik Adnan who is Manager from 16 years, stood and say our religion teach us peace. Its surprising one person was trying to stop thousands, they killed the person, but the one who was trying to save is saved completely, nothing happened to him. The truth is its all preplanned by the factory owner and workers. This man tried to save, to represent factory owner and to save factory owner. These people of dirty politics who do blasts in schools to make weaker the governing party and they think they can easily make fool to the whole world. These evils are the worst evils on this planet earth. We very well know how good people behave, if this man Adnan was a genuinely a kind hearted person, do we not know the mindset of extremists muslims. Will they let him go ? Will they leave him alive for saving a blasphemer ? These extremists killed governor of Punjab Salman Taseer just because he raise his voice against the injustice what Asia Bibi was facing, They killed a Christian Minister Shahbaz Bhatti who was trying to save the life of Asia Bibi. Extremists muslims never leave the person who even support or try to save a blasphemer, even if they know the blasphemer didn’t any blasphemy. Extremists muslims accuse others for blasphemy so they can kill for Islam. For them killing of humans is a way to paradise of Allah.

Terrorism, Oppression and persecution is growing in the world just because the good people are silent. The western society do not raise their voice as it should be, The international community also ignore these cases, but muslims in western world and islamic organizations always raise their voice for Palestinian, Kashmiri and Burman muslims. Even those muslims are trying to invade or want a separate homeland, as muslims want to occupy every country where they can implement islamic laws.

The World suffers a lot. Not Because the Violence of Bad People. But the Silence of good People. – Napoleon Bonaparte

Pakistan has become a land of killing for the religion of Islam. However, given the penchant of Islamists to kill people over mere rumours and on occasion, even create the rumours just so they can lynch and murder Hindus, Christians or fellow muslims, one can never be sure if the incident of Blasphemy actually took place. A Sialkot resident took to Facebook to say that the victim had thrown a paper accidentally in the bin and that there was no deliberate blasphemy in the case. This situation we can see in every islamic country, Muslims do mocking and blasphemy against other religions but kill others by accusing them doing blasphemy. In Bangladesh, for example, several Hindus were murdered during Durga Puja due to rumours of Blasphemy. The rumour was a Quran was desecrated and placed in a Durga Puja pandal. It was later found that it was a Muslim man who had placed the Quran at the feet of Goddess Durga. The action of the Muslim man was then blamed on the Hindu community and the Islamist mob had gone on a rampage.

Brick-factory workers A Poor Christian man Shahzad Masih, 26, and his pregnant wife Shama Shahzad, 24, were burned alive in an industrial kiln by a mob that had been incited by accusations the couple desecrated the Koran near the town of Kot Radha Kishan in Punjab by throwing away pages of the Islamic holy book along with the trash. But A Pakistani court has acquitted 116 people of charges that they were part of a lynch mob who burned alive that Christian couple that had been falsely accused of blasphemy. There are hundreds of incidents when hindus, Christians are accused and killed, their homes have been burnt alive even christians have been burnt alive. 

Mashal Khan was a Pashtun and Muslim student at the Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan who was killed by an angry mob in the premises of the university on 13 April 2017, over allegations of posting blasphemous content online. Following investigations, the Inspector General Police later stated “We did not find any concrete evidence under which [a blasphemy] investigation or legal action can be launched against Mashal, Abdullah or Zubair”. Mashal’s friend Abdullah stated to the police in writing that both Mashal and Abdullah were devout Muslims, but were actively denouncing mismanagement by the university and had previously led protests against it. Following the death of Khan, at least 61 suspects were identified. There were hundreds thousands muslim students and professors can be seen in the social media viral videos who were beating and killing Mashal Khan. 

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan known as a extremist person. He favors religious killing as in his speech at United Nations he urged other governments in Europe and America to make blasphemy law in favor of Islam and Islamic Prophet. He never condemned religious killing but made a lame excuse that it hurts the feeling of muslims therefore they kill and do terrorism in the world. He never talked about the other religious and non-religious groups who are mistreated and killed by extremists muslims in Pakistan. He never talked about the mocking behavior of Muslims towards Hindus and other religious communities. In Pakistan People are not free to have freedom of speech but he wants extremists muslims to have freedom of killing. 

Do you know, Christian countries help million of muslim refugees? Do you know Christians don’t kill or oppress Muslims in the western world? Do you know why Christians around the world are against the religious killing, as secular people using secular arguments about ethics and humanity, but Christians often make an additional case based on the tenets of their faith. Many Christians believe that God commanded in Torah-Holy Bible “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 21:13), and that this is a clear instruction with no exceptions. Christianity is based on forgiveness and compassion and The gospel of Jesus gives us the messages of peace and hope in the darkness of evil and oppression. 

In a world filled with war and violence, it’s difficult to see that without following the teachings of Jesus Christ and we can not have peace in our world without Jesus. Jesus is known as the he Prince of Peace in the world and in the human history. 

Jesus is the solution of all the conflicts in the World. If Muslims claim that they believe in Jesus Christ, why do they not follow? Why they oppress Hindus, Christians, Sikh and other non-Muslims? How can we change their mindsets? We only can change this world and stop persecution, terrorism by following the commandments of Jesus Christ. The first thing Christians as Peacemakers around the world need to do, is to stand for our fellow humans and raise our voice for the persecuted community. We need to stand against the killing mindset, Christians around the world need to raise voice in their governments and in United Nations to stop killing on the name of Islam and discourage the blasphemy laws. If we will not stop this killing on the name of religion of Islam, the world will be in more bitter situation. We need to bring awareness in our communities and share the message of hope with fellow humans.