This is happening in our world. LGBT movement is destroying the identity of men and women. Ángela Ponce Camacho is a Spanish model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Spain 2018. Ponce made history on June 29, 2018, as the first transgender woman to ever be crowned Miss Spain. She represented her country at Miss Universe 2018, as the first transgender contestant competing for the title. If they really wanted they could have a transgender beauty pageant, they are devaluing women by allowing a transgender to compete with the beauty and nature of a women.
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I am totally against this injustice with women. Now in the world men and women can’t know if they are dating real men and women or transgenders. Do they have this gender option in their Identity Card, Social Security card or Passport? Where are the moral and ethical values? They are giving psychological damage to children, men and women, and giving the power to Hijras. Hijras are allowed to live their life, they should get equal rights as humans, but to tell Hijras or give them option to be called a woman is wrong. As Christians and humans We extremely condemn this.

666 is trying to destroy this generation by stealing the identity of young girls and boys. Parents when the baby is born have a option to have a operation changing the sex, and children as young as four are asked to choose what gender they are before they start school – with the option of being something other than male or female.

Political and Social platforms previously proposed governments to ban titles such as Mr, MRS, Miss and Ms in case they offend the transgender community.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby (Church of England) said children should be able to try out “the many cloaks of Identity” without being labeled or bullied, that advice was issued to their 5000 school. He said youngsters should be free to “explore the possibilities of who they might be”.

Some Muslims kill Hijras or torture them. Some consider homosexuality is a sin but the majority of Muslims are bisexual secretly. People like Sadiq Khan, London MP voted in favor of same-Sex marriage. Keith Ellison the first muslim elected US representative and attorney general-elect of Minnesota. To be honest here muslims are allowed for bisexuality and beastiality. But when they found its forbidden in the Holy Bible, they changed their literature and gave fatwa against homosexuality and started to kill homosexuals.

Christians believe that biological sex is God-given or it’s natural. God created man and woman. But sometimes a child born with physical problems, abnormal limbs, no limbs, forearm missing, defected limb, heart out of body, without nose, without eyes, blind, deaf, child with two heads, child with teeth, child with HIV, child with a half brain. These are genetic defect chromosome abnormalities. These abnormalities can also be caused by teratogen. The same few children have problems with sex organs. People want treatments for other problems and ignore Hijras and now Hijras are choosing their own gender. They need medical and psychological assistance to be a normal human.

We promote dignity for all humans (male, female, hijras)but we don’t promote LGBT movement that is hurting the dignity of men and women. We accept all genders in the society, no one should be hurt, but no one should steal other’s identity. God wants us to be a kind, compassionate, generous and loving human beings towards the fellow humans, animals and nature.

Jobyna Beth Ministries USA - Priceless is a Global Campaign to Restore Identity and Rescue Young Girls and Boys. To Join the Campaign visit or www.Lavish.Business

Priceless is a Global Campaign to Restore Identity and Rescue Young Girls and Boys. To Join the Campaign visit Jobyna Beth Ministries USA or www.Lavish.Business (using business to fuel evangelism and rescue young girls and boys).