A Persecuted Christian Boy in Pakistan

FEB 23, 2018
(After Social Activists raised their voices – Protest was shown on BBC)
A Christian boy Sajid Masih said in this video that he jumped out of the fourth floor of the FIA building because the investigators tortured him and were forcing him to have sex with his cousin, Patras Masih.

Sajid Masih and his cousin Patras Masih were arrested under the blasphemy case and were being interrogated by the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cyber crime unit, when the incident occurred. Patras was accused of Blasphemy by local Muslims for liking a facebook post in Shahdara, Lahore. The members of the Islamic group “Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYR)” and other religious parties were also present in the FIA building.

It is horrible that every time, Christians are accused in blaspheme against Islam, They are attacked by extremists muslims in different cities or areas. It clearly shows islamic organizations and groups do proper planning to attack Christians. The day Sajid was arrested and was tortured in Lahore by FIA Officers, the same day Muslims in Faisalabad city they put graffiti on the church wall and wrote Islamic slogan on the wall and attacked on Christians in Faisalabad.

Two days before from different sources I was getting the News about Sajid, some sources told he has died and some people said he is alive. I was totally a wreck, I know we Christians are so caught up in our personal gain, the churches are silent, they just focus to get tithe and offerings, they have no interest, no plan, no dare to raise a voice for the Christians. The Church in the West or East all are busy to build big buildings, all are busy in their own agendas. No one feels pain for the persecuted Christians, because the truth is Christians around the world are cut off from the body of Christ.

This is the time when Christians need to stand for their spiritual, social and political war, but the problem is there is not such a leadership who leading Christians spiritually, then how can they focus on social and political rights of Christians. Christians talk about the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Messiah, “Oh we will be in Heaven.” Come on! you are not that who will be in heaven. In Heaven those will be with the Lord, Who worked for His Kingdom upon this earth. If you are not a part of His Kingdom on this earth, how can you hope to be in His Heavenly Kingdom. The standard of His Heavenly Kingdom is more High.

How Many of you ever feel pain and cried for their persecuted brethren. If your own son/brother was tortured, How many days will you forget to smile? How many days will you cry to God? What will you do to rescue your son/brother? Sir I think you only heard the name of Jesus Christ, or were born into a Christian family, while the truth is you are not the branch of the Tree of Life.

Me and my family in Christ know that what we are doing. I am thankful to my friends and brothers in Christ who joined me and supported me to build this platform KingdomofPeace.world I know you Christian ministers are very focused and God called you to Kenya only, God called you to India only, God called you to a specific area, or God called you to America to have a big church, millions of dollars in tithe, to have a wonderful life. I am shocked that Your God is different than the persecuted Christians and real Christians. The real Christians have not their own goals, They feel pain when the Christians in other parts of the world suffer. The call of God and the commandment of Jesus Christ was never for a specific region but for the whole world. Christians are not united, they do not know what is their target, and they don’t know how they will advance the Kingdom of God. They are caught up in fighting and church politics, when socially and politically Christians in their own regions are being rejected.

OH Christians around the world, Be United, stand for social and political rights, empower your brethren, do not focus on one part of the body when the other part is dying and deprived for the basic needs.The Ministry of Jesus Christ was focused to save the lost souls and prepare the disciples for the Kingdom of God. Moses trained Joshua and he was the leader of thousands of Jews, a Leader for all Jews, under Moses there were 12 tribal judicial leaders, he was running the whole community of Israel, introduced the law and social system to make a sacred chosen nation who was going to enter into the Promised Land. Moses sent out 12 spies, one from each tribe. Caleb and Joshua brought back a good report of the land but, because the other 10 spies brought back a bad report, the people did not want to enter the promised land. As a result, the Israelis stayed another 37 years in the desert before entering the promised land. If you want to enter into your promised land, you need to have a Global vision, that’s the Vision of Jesus Christ. In this vision God will speak to you about how you have to win lost souls, how you have to empower the body of Christ, how you have to strengthen the persecuted Christians, how you have to advance the Kingdom of Messiah. We can conquer the world, We can save our brothers if we are united. Me and other believers of God are establishing this platform, You can join us or work in unity. In the past three years we have invested near about $40,000-$45,000 as we had not the proper or regular support or Trustee Board. If we had the amount we needed we were never going to be at a stand still, when we gave our life to our God, our single penny is because of Him and for Him. We request you to have a Global Vision, we can serve in different regions but we need to have a Global Platform. 12 Disciples served in different regions but they all were united and they give reports and empowered each other. May the Spirit of God touch you and guide you to understand the need of the hour. We have a little time and the harvest is very great.

We request you to stand with us and also keep in your prayers Sajid and Patras, their families and also the christian community in Pakistan. As in the past history whenever a single person is accused by muslims in blasphemy, Extremists muslims groups attack on Christians homes and colonies. Thank you!

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