Pakistan is a Islamic state, where muslims hate America so how can they like Trump? Who wants to stop illegal immigrants and extremists muslims from entering into USA. I support “Make America Great Again” because America is the country which supports Pakistan and many other countries for the welfare of global society. I Love America, America’s old values to serve humans and humanities. A heart to love enemies, give billion of dollars for poor countries, even they know that in islamic countries people hate them but they work for their welfare, for the next generation with a hope to see a generation of Peacemakers.

Make America Great Again

Does Trump care for the poor? Does Trump care for America? Trump is one of the richest men, who helped many people, created jobs for many jobless people. This is one of the many reasons I support Trump. I support Trump because Trump is a wise business man who knows the strategies of the enemies, many countries want to defeat America in the global Market, Many Extremists countries want to dominate and destroy America. They are doing businesses in America, getting profits in billions and supporting terrorism. Trump is the man who understands all these major issues and gave a solution to all Americans. His campaign shows how many people were suffering through terrorism, how many people want America again in the world market, how many jobless people understand the need of Trump for America. But still there are many who do not like Trump based of his character. They do not like Hillary but also do not want to vote for Trump. Every body makes mistakes as a human, But Trump history shows he loves America. I suggest of you, Please Vote If you do not want Hillary to Win. I was reading the News Paper in Pakistan and there were big headlines Hillary’s good works, in all Islamic states people want Hillary to win. Hillary is the supporter of Arab, Clinton to Obama is a period when extremists entered into the USA, when America gave billions of dollars to such extremists states where secular, Liberal, atheists, minorities have no freedom of speech, no human rights, when America spent 2 trillion dollars only in Iraq to end terrorism from the world. But It was only waste of money, War is not a solution to end terrorism, we have to stop empowering lovers of Shria law.

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This is the time when Islamic states are suffering because of terrorists (lovers of Shria Law), they are killing their own religious people because of there faith differences and sects differences. It is tough for us to know who is extremists or not. Like recently one Muslim killed 50 precious lives of humans, he killed them because they were gay. If a American, a Christian, or a normal human doesn’t agree with homosexuality he will never kill them, because they have a right for their own life.

Surely America always supported Muslim countries, even in their states Christians, Secular, Liberals and non-religious people are persecuted and killed but America supports their children in being educated and to end extremism from their countries, America and from the entire world.

I also know that Iran is against Saudi Arabia, so there is religious war in the religion of Islam between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims and Wahabis. They make each-other responsible for terrorism and some Muslims say that America is also involved in terrorism by supporting them. Hillary is a supporter of Saudi Arabia. But for me Iran and Saudi Arabia both are the same, Shia and Sunni both are equal for me as humans.

If in Islamic states, where 98-100% are Muslims, there is terrorism and you can’t recognize who is extremist. How we can recognize them in America, where every muslim has desire for Shria Law, and every time a new incident happened by muslims who is American citizens. There is no more options just one, to send back all illegal immigrants and extremists into their home countries. If You are a human, If you love America Join Trump, Trump is the only man who can save America from terrorism. Who can save your children’s future. Who can bring business back to America for jobless people.

So all Secular, Liberal, Christians, Muslims, Sikh, Hindu, atheists have to join TRUMP to make America great and safe again.

I support Trump because I am Anti-Terrorism.