The Call of Prayer is for the Community you live in. If in a community all people from one religion live they call for prayer. It’s a old tradition which is 4000 years old.

Jews were the first ones who call for prayer. Here is the link

Muslims call for prayer because they copy Jews in every thing so that they also would be successful. A Muslim can’t be a Muslim if he doesn’t believe in the Torah and the Gospel (Holy Bible) according to Quran 3:84. So they say they believe in the Holy Bible but practically they are against it. There is only a few who believe in the Holy Bible. According to Islam first Jews were the Chosen nation, then Christians and now muslims are the third nation of God and Other people who are of different faiths are known as pagans and unclean. While Christians believe all people belong to One God and we have to save them and serve humanity According to the Holy Bible (Luke 4:18).

Jews are by generation, Christians and Muslims are by faith but it depends what belief has the right connection. Jews are the generation of Prophet Jacob (Israel), the son of Isaac who was the son of Abraham.

Muslims made a separate book Quran, then later they added the Hadith. While Christians are the people from gentiles (other nations) who were Hindu, Muslims, Sikh, atheists, etc and then they start to believe in the God of Israel. Christianity is not a religion but a way which leads to truth and life.

Religious people follow rituals, but rituals can’t make a person perfect until his heart is truly connected with God the creator. So therefore Christians don’t do azan, but practically they serve humanity and bring them to God.

Some people think The church bell is a part of prayer. Church bell started in ancient times, because Romans have temples and when Christianity grew in Rome. They use bell as a clock time that the Church time|Prayer is going to start in the Church. Romans were not Christians, they worship other gods like hindu do. Today If we have the world largest population as Christians, They are not from one nation but they are in every nation. You will see Persian Christians, Arab Christians, European and American Christians, Asian Christians, Middle Eastern Christians and Jews Christians. They all are converted Christians who have different religious background. The call of prayer is the part of prayer. But the call of prayer is not even a prayer. Prayer is a conversation between God and humans. As a child talks to his parents. We all humans worship God in different ways.

Here is the Christian worship

Christianity is not a religious ritual but a expression and gospel of God’s love for humanity.

As God’s prophets did and many people of the world do, we all share good things with the world because God Lives in all of us. God loves every one, regardless if you are a Jew, a Christian, a Sikh, a Hindu, a atheist, He loves you. God created humans not the religion. Religion is by man, the different ways to search truth about God.

I belong to a Sikh family, I grew up among Muslims. My Grand father was converted into Christianity. Then all of his brothers and families also converted. I born into a Christian family. I have many Hindu, Sikh and Muslim friends who now believe in the God of Israel and follow Jesus Christ. For a better understanding you can read the Holy Bible. I Dedicate this song to you all