Today when I was thinking about America’s condition, It reminded me “The Grey” movie. The story follows a number of oil-men stranded in Alaska after a plane crash, who wage a war against a pack of grey wolves stalking them amidst mercilessly cold weather. John Ottway (Liam Neeson) works in Alaska, killing grey wolves. On his last day on the job, he shoots one. That evening, John writes a letter to his wife, explaining his plans to commit suicide. He hears a distant wolf howl and doesn’t follow through.

The next day, John and other oil drillers board a plane. During the flight, John dreams of sleeping with his wife in bed but is awakened by a loud bang. He buckles up in fear of a possible plane crash. Shortly afterwards, the back of the plane is torn off, luggage starts getting sucked out and the plane crashes. Eight people including John survive in the crash. However, a young oil worker, Lewenden, dies of his injuries as John sadly watches. Taking charge, John sets the survivors on the task of building a fire. While doing this, he discovers a corpse, and is attacked by the grey wolf feeding on it. After saving John, the group surmises that their plane was crashed in the wolves’ territory. They decided to take turns keeping watch for the predators.

Later, Hernandez (Ben Bray) is killed by two wolves. John suggests they leave the crash site, but Diaz (Frank Grillo) questions his leadership. While walking, Flannery (Joe Anderson) falls behind, and is killed by wolves. One of them spots a pack of wolves approaching, and the survivors run for the trees, lighting a fire in an attempt to ward off their attackers. A stressed Diaz loses his cool somewhat and belligerently threatens John with a knife, but is quickly disarmed and ultimately begins regretting his actions. Just as he’s about to apologize, he’s suddenly pounced upon by a wolf from behind. An omega wolf sent by the alpha wolf to test them John later surmises, after all managing to kill it and then roasting it for food. A bloodied and crazed Diaz, elated at having survived the attack, beheads the corpse and loudly howling like a wolf, defiantly throws the severed head back at the pack. A move noted by the group as possibly unwise, as they accept a statement that “wolves are known to take revenge”.

This is what happened with America, because of some problems in the governing system, America fell from his highness and the Americans are surrounded by the grey wolves. Many Americans who have been killed by the wolves in many terrorists attacks. Many of us complain and criticize government, social and spiritual leadership. Many of us in passion speak against the wolves ideology, without knowing their nature and the risks of the situations, without knowing what is our position in the global society. In a moment, we are happy that we insulted the wolves but without having strategies to win the war, we lose more, we lose more lives, we lose more reputation. We need to be wise to defeat the enemy, there is a old saying “get rid of the problem and you should not be hurt” or “snake should die but rod shouldn’t break”.

Part 2 – Handicap

While sitting around the fire, Diaz tells the group of his atheism, and Talget (Dermot Mulroney) states he believes in God and lovingly talks about his daughter. John states he wishes he could believe or have faith in God. John then recites a simple poem written by his father and they all sleep that night. The following morning, Burke (Nonso Anozie), who had earlier been suffering from hypoxia, is found dead. The remaining survivors leave the camp, and travel to the edge of a steep canyon. Hendrick (Dallas Roberts) secures a line across to a tall tree opposite and Diaz & John traverse the canyon. Talget, however, is afraid of heights and with the added handicap of a bleeding mangled hand, when his foot becomes caught on a hook, in the ensuing struggle the rope breaks away. He falls to the ground, getting severely thrashed by tree branches on the way down; barely alive, he hallucinates a vision of his daughter, but is instantly set upon and dragged away by four wolves.

Diaz, John, and Hendrick continue and arrive at a river. There, Diaz, humbled by his journey and unable to walk on, explains that he can accept dying in the middle of nature and will not try to keep running. They part company, leaving a tearful Diaz contemplating the glorious mountainous vista and his resigned fate. Reluctantly John and Hendrick continue on together. Further along the river, John and Hendrick are set upon by the wolves. In an attempt to flee, Hendrick falls into the river and in the chaos is trapped beneath the surface when his foot gets wedged between boulders. John attempts to save him but unable to pull him loose, Hendrick soon drowns. Frustrated and now alone, John looks up and appeals to God for help, to “show him something real”, but soon realizes the futility of his plea.

Here is the biggest thing, many of us need to know we all have different opinions, different thoughts, denominations, but we all have to survive. Sharing of thoughts, opinions is a good way to spend time, to have a good fellowship or to build a great friendship, but it is not the strategy that can save our lives. Lastly I will tell you what was the strategy that saves John’s life and the same we all need to do but in unity. Here I also want to tell that many of us are like Talget, They believe in God but they have fear of the heights, or handicap for not having all social needs to survive. We can save them, they can play a good role, they have great vision, if we help them in the right time before they fall. Once you have lost these precious people, wolves will drag them as their meal.

Part 3 – The Survivor

John, cold and wet, continues on alone. He stops walking and begins going through the collected wallets of the others. John then realizes he has stumbled right into the den of the wolves – and that the team had been steadily walking towards, not away from, the source of danger. Surrounded by the pack and having the leader of the pack standing in front of him, he looks at his wife’s photo in his wallet; it is then revealed that she was dying of a terminal illness and that he has been trying to kill himself earlier in the film but unable to do so. As the large, snarling alpha wolf approaches him, John arms himself with a knife and shards of glass from small liquor bottles taped to his other hand. He sees the heaven with hope and recites the words “Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I’ll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.”

In a brief post-credits scene, the wolf is seen lying injured on the ground and breathing softly, with the back of John’s head visible resting on the wolf and he killed the head wolf.

We can also kill the grey wolves in America, If we will have faith, hope and the right strategy to arm us this is the only we can survive, otherwise no human will be safe on this planet. We have to take steps. What is our strategy, what is the target of the enemy? The enemy is targeting our youth, If we will arm our selves we can save the youth. If we all will stand together then we will not be alone who will be safe, if we will empower our like minded people, we will not be alone who will be safe. I have some strategies to share, as I live and grew among the wolves and God saved my life for this purpose, to save his people from the wolves. I know what is their nature and what is their goals and how they are destroying our generation and how we can save our generation.

We can not let any one to be handicap – who are like minded who have a faith, the vision, strategies to defeat the grey wolves ideology – IF WE WANT TO SAVE AMERICA AND THEN WORLD. Mission USA 2018

Keep in mind, Good people are working individually or in little groups but the enemies are united around the world like the wolves. You are shattered, you have different direction but the wolves have one target “ITS YOU”. Some people think POTUS is working, this organization is working, my dear America have more than 323 million population, millions of wolves howling, creating mess in the society. Its our responsibility to raise our voice in unity, it is not only the duty of POTUS but together we can make America great again.